Alec Baldwin Teases Return to ‘SNL’ With Photo Dressed as Donald Trump

Alec Baldwin Donald Trump
Rex Shutterstock

Alec Baldwin isn’t done with Donald Trump just yet.

The actor posted a photo of himself backstage at “Saturday Night Live” dressed like the president-elect on Twitter Saturday morning with the caption “… @snl tonight” implying that he will appear on tonight’s show. “I won’t apple-agize,” Baldwin wrote, referencing his own caricature of Trump. “Tonight at 11:30. Live.”

This is, presumably, to Trump’s displeasure, considering the president-elect’s repeated bashing of the NBC show as “totally one-sided,” “biased,” “unwatchable” and a “hit job.” He has also said that Baldwin’s performance “stinks” and “just can’t get any worse.”

Baldwin has actively engaged Trump’s criticism. On Dec. 4 he offered to stop the impression if Trump releases his tax returns. On Nov. 20, Trump tweeted a complaint that the show doesn’t mock both sides of politics equally to which Baldwin responded, “Election is over. There is no more equal time.”

Earlier this morning he taunted Trump on Twitter by writing, “Trump is like that biker the girl brings home. DAD: You’re not marrying him. GIRL: Yes I am! I LOVE WAYNE!!!!”

In an interview earlier this month with Matt Lauer, Trump said of his Nov. 7, 2015 appearance on the show, that he hosted “when [‘SNL’] was a good show, but it’s not a good show anymore.” Since his election as president of the United States, Trump has used his platform to call out media organizations not limited to the New York Times, Vanity Fair and the musical “Hamilton.”

Casey Affleck will host the Dec. 17 show of “SNL” to promote his film “Manchester by the Sea,” joined by musical guest Chance the Rapper.