Adult Swim, Turner’s cartoon block for grownups, is leaning into the novelty factor of becoming the first TV network to release a full episode on VineTwitter’s video app that was previously restricted to 6-second videos.

The 10-minute episode of “Brad Neely’s Harg Nallin Sclopio Peepio” sketch-comedy show on Vine takes advantage of the platform’s new “watch more” feature rolled out last week that lets users post videos longer than 6-second loops. The series premieres Sunday, July 10, at 11:45 p.m. on the Adult Swim block on Cartoon Network.

The gibberishly titled show was previously called “TV Sucks,” and was originally introduced as part of Adult Swim’s 2015 upfront slate. The quarter-hour show, created by Neely and produced by Titmouse, features one-off shorts and songs.

Adult Swim has previously cooked up promotional stunts taking advantage of new video platforms. Back in 2014, it touted the debut of a new episode of animated comedy “Rick and Morty” on Facebook’s Instagram — carved up into more than 100 different 15-second chunks (this was before Instagram boosted the max length of videos to 60 seconds).

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Of course, that didn’t lead to a wave of TV shows being splashed across Instagram, and Adult Swim’s move to sample an episode on Vine using the extended video-play capability seems just as unlikely to spawn a broader trend. Vine has said it plans to introduce ways creators can monetize videos, but newly installed GM Hannah Donovan says that the focus is on creative expression: “At the end of the day, Vine is not a tool. It’s a toy.”

Meanwhile, Turner has formed a separate division, Super Deluxe, which is a digital content and TV studio also revolving around bizarre, eccentric comedy. There’s some cross-pollination between the Adult Swim and Super Deluxe operations, but Turner is keeping them separate entities.

“Harg Nallin Sclopio Peepio” features Neely, Darrell Hammond, Affion Crockett, Ilana Glazer and Gabourey Sidibe. Brad Neely and Daniel Weidenfeld serve as executive producers, Dave Newberg as co-executive producer.

The episode of the show is on Vine here.