PARIS — Stephane Rougeot, the deputy CEO of technology at Technicolor, has been ousted amid a management shuffle.

Rougeot, who had been with the company since Nov. 2008, was appointed deputy CEO of technology in February. The France-educated exec was previously the CFO and head of strategy for Technicolor. During his tenure, Rougeot helped launch M-Go, a multiplatform digital content service enabling consumers to easily locate, view and share content via the Internet.

A rep for Technicolor said Rougeot will not be immediately replaced since the company is relying on existing staff to fill in for Rougeot’s areas of expertise. As such, Arvin Patel, who joined Technicolor in September as chief intellectual property officer handles patent and licensing; Manuele Wahl, the senior VP of technology and trademark licensing since January 2012, overseas technology and licensing, and Cristina Gomila, who’s been at the company for almost 15 years, is still in charge of research and innovation.

Esther Gaide, previously deputy CFO, was upped to CFO in February when Rougeot was named president of technology for the group.

The company is helmed by CEO Frederic Rose. Michel Rahier and Tim Sarnoff serve as toppers of connected homes and production services, respectively.

Earlier this month, Technicolor partnered up with Royal Philips to merge their ongoing delivery roadmaps for high dynamic range (HDR) solutions, including content creation tools, encoding and decoding software and implementation support.