Luc Besson Creates, Writes Mobile-Native Series for New Platform Blackpills (EXCLUSIVE)

Luc Besson Creates, Writes Mobile-Native Series For New Platform Blackpills

MONTE CARLO, Monaco — Tackling an emerging fiction format, “Lucy” helmer Luc Besson has created “Killer’s School,” a premium mobile-native scripted series that will be part of a new digital platform called Blackpills.

Written by Besson, the series will shoot in English and be co-directed by Pascal Sid, the director of “Behind The Walls” and producer of Julien Seri’s “Night Fare,” and Olivier Schneider, the fight choreographer of “Spectre.”

Comprising 10 episodes of 10 minutes, “Killer’s School” will boast an international cast of European and American talent. Casting is underway.

Described as a mix of “Nikita” and “Kick-Ass,” “Killer’s School” (working title) turns on teenagers who are trained to become professional killers. Shooting is set to start this summer in Paris and its suburbs.

“Killer’s School” will be part of the initial offering of high-end mobile-native international series showcased on Blackpills, an upcoming platform created by two high-profile entrepreneurs: Xavier Niel, founder and majority shareholder of the French Internet service provider Free, and Daniel Marhely, creator of music streaming giant Deezer, according to a source close to the venture.

Aside from directing big-budget action and sci-fi pics such as “Lucy” and the upcoming “Valerian,” Besson has been increasingly involved in TV drama over the last few years. He’s been involved in series based on his movie franchises, notably “Taken” and “Nikita,” and he’s also recently created “Artificial Intelligence,” a science-fiction action drama that has been picked up by TNT.