Electronic Arts is bucking E3 tradition by not appearing at the expo and instead opting for a separate event.

The new event is called EA Play, which will take place on Sunday, June 12-14, at Club Nokia at LA Live, just a few days ahead of E3, which runs from June 14-16 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. EA’s briefing will take place at 1 PM on June 12. There will also be a similar event at London’s The Mermaid on June 12.

The event will be a hands-on event for fans. By reserving tickets, which will be free, fans will be able to attend EA Play and try out the newly announced games and take in live events. The game developer will still host private meetings at E3, however.

“We are taking our commitment to put our players first further this year by creating a play experience built around them,” an EA representative told Kotaku. “Hosting our own event allows us to connect directly with our players and create a meaningful experience for them.”

Last year also saw some shakeup with the briefing schedule. Mostly taking place on the Monday of E3 week, Bethesda decided to hold its first-ever E3 briefing on the Sunday before. EA is going even further by pulling away from the large video game event in exchange for their own.

Along with the healthy dosage of sports games that EA doles out every year, attendees of EA Play will most likely get news of the hotly anticipated “Mass Effect Andromeda” as well as any new “Star Wars” content or “Star Wars Battlefront” DLC.