Korea’s leading mobile platform Kakao has teamed up with Huace Group, one of China’s top film and TV companies, to adapt five Web cartoon titles into movies, TV series and Web dramas in China.

The deal was announced by the South Korean company on Monday.

The four titles that Huace will be adapting are “Help! Breakup Ghost,” “Just One Shot,” “Girl in the Mirror” and “Casheoro.” A deal for office romance tale “My Boss Dies Once a Day” is also close to being finalized.

Other Kakao Web cartoons that had had live-action adaptations in Korea include 2010’s “Moss,” 2013’s “Secretly, Greatly” and 2014’s TV series “Misaeng: Incomplete Life.”

Korean pop culture content is hugely popular with Chinese audiences. But growing restrictions on the importation of titles for video streaming platforms is pushing Chinese companies to focus more on remakes, formats and co-production deals instead.

“Huace has the strongest know-how in film and TV production and distribution in China,” said Kakao executive Park Jeong-seo. “This deal marks the beginning of our global Web cartoon-film/TV project. We plan to continually showcase more of our Web cartoons to the China market.”

“We hope to bring out the value from Web cartoons by producing the film and TV adaptations that make the best use of our skills and infrastructure,” said Jon Chiew, Huace’s head of international film division. “We will introduce more quality Korean contents to the Chinese viewers and pursue more in-depth cultural exchange between the two countries.”