TOKYO — Hulu Japan will stream “Crow’s Blood,” a six-part horror/suspense mini-series with “Saw” series director Darren Lynn Bousman serving as executive producer. It will be online from July.

Sean E DeMott from Execution Style Entertainment is producing the show from writer Clint Sears.

The original story is by Yasushi Akimoto, best-known as the Svengali behind a succession of popular girl idol groups. Mayu Watanabe, member of AKB48, will star in the series, as will Sakura Miyawaki, who belongs to sister ensemble HKT48, from Fukuoka.

The story starts after a mysterious transfer student (Miyawaki), arrives at all-girls’ high school. Strange happenings occur that upend the lives of other students including Watanabe’s sweet-spirited character. Hulu has not yet revealed plans for the international release of the show.