The content management system for Variety was hacked Saturday by a group known as OurMine, which has attacked a growing number of companies and prominent figures in recent months.

The entertainment-news website was infiltrated at approximately 9 a.m. PT. OurMine sent messages to subscribers via multiple Variety e-mail newsletters declaring, “Hacked By #OurMine – Read The post!! [Important.]”

The hacking group has made similar cyberattacks over the summer to a broad range of targets including the social-media accounts of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, actor Channing Tatum and the websites of other news publications such as TechCrunch.

In contrast to many other hackers, OurMine doesn’t typically attempt to shut down websites or abscond with data; the anonymous group positions itself as cybersecurity outfit that raises awareness for its services by hacking into prominent people and brands.

“Hello Variety, it’s #OurMine, don’t worry we are just testing your security, please contact us on ourmine.org,” read the message Variety subscribers received from the hackers.

Shortly after the hack occurred, Variety issued a statement to subscribers. “We are working diligently to contain the matter and will update you when the issues have been resolved,” the publication explained.

An internal investigation into the matter is focused on the possibility that the password of an employee linked to the Variety content management system was likely compromised. No Variety subscribers’ personal information was accessed.