Tom Arnold Clarifies Who’s Looking Into Donald Trump ‘Apprentice’ Tapes

Tom Arnold
Ben Rosser/BFA.com/REX/Shutterstock

Tom Arnold tweeted on Christmas Day that he saw unaired “The Apprentice” footage of Donald Trump making racist and other offensive remarks via a program “used in our biz to prevent piracy,” with a limited time password.

What was intriguing was his hint that the footage was about to be “reviewed soon” and that “Watergate level journalists are onto of this.”

But on Tuesday, he clarified that point, writing he was referring to journalists investigating different story. “Why idiots like me & future pres shouldn’t communicate important info on here. I cleverly meant WG level reporter investigating Trump-Russia.”

In a radio interview earlier this month, Arnold said that he had outtakes where Trump “says every bad thing ever, every offensive, racist thing ever.” But it was unclear exactly why Arnold hadn’t yet released the footage.

Actor Michael Rapaport tweeted a plea to Arnold to explain why he wasn’t disclosing the tapes.

So in a series of tweets on Christmas Day, Arnold responded, “When I received [the tapes] no one thought Trump would be Pres. When it became real People got scared. Can’t blame them. Me & my fam get threatened by Alt Right nuts a lot plus only Billy Bush’s career was hurt by ‘grab Her by the pussy’ tape.”

Sources on Trump’s transition team are dismissing Arnold’s claims, as well as his contention that they threatened him with a defamation lawsuit.

Arnold also suggested that executives in the entertainment business had seen the tape.

He tweeted to Rapaport, “These tapes are disgusting but not illegal. I’m not going to out the little guy but I personally confronted 7 powerful Hollywood people who have Everything. They hate me now. Terrible career move but I believe if Russia has something they can blackmail our president with its worth. The risk to me. Plus I’m a 57 year old father of 1 & 3 yr olds. I want to do all I can so there’s a safe America for them. Call me & I Will give you the names of the 7 big shots and you can risk your livelihood and confront them too.”