Susan Sarandon: Media ‘Lack Imagination, Journalistic Ability’ in Covering Presidential Race

Susan Sarandon
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Susan Sarandon, who in recent weeks has been campaigning for Bernie Sanders, dismisses the notion that Hillary Clinton’s victory in the Nevada caucuses was such a turning point for her campaign that she will be next to impossible to beat.

Media pundits have said that, starting with this weekend’s South Carolina primary, the map favors Clinton to amass a large share of delegates, even as Sanders is looking to win states on Super Tuesday — March 1.

“This is the media that wasn’t even covering Bernie Sanders before Iowa,” Sarandon tells Variety‘s “PopPolitics” on SiriusXM. “Nothing surprises me, because they lack imagination, and they lack journalistic ability to even read things. It is kind of like they are approaching this like a reality show and reporting it like a horse race.”

Sarandon, who campaigned in Nevada for Sanders, called the caucus system there “just so crazy and all over the place and sloppy. [There were] so many instances of people being turned away and the registration being lost, and then one place where everyone left and they hadn’t appointed delegates. Or choosing cards to see who won. It’s a very unusual way to do this.”

She called Sanders “certainly the only candidate that I have really wholeheartedly felt was not the lesser of two evils, that I really get behind in the purest way and with the most enthusiasm.

“I feel that supporting him is not just supporting him as a candidate, but really an opportunity for a movement to shift the way our government is working and shift away from corporate takeover, and big Pharma and Monsanto and fracking, and all of these things that have undermined a progressive agenda, and [give it] back to the people,” she said.

She said that she doesn’t know “if any of my friends are supporting Hillary Clinton. The people who take me to task — it is the same old thing. ‘But don’t you want a woman?'”
“But most of the people who say that are not aware of her record. It is strange to see somebody who says they are against fracking, and then you tell them, ‘Well, you know [Hillary Clinton] has been selling fracking, and they have chosen not to recognize that,” she said. “I have nothing against her personally. I just find her record inconsistent and not in alignment with my progressing values.”
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