PopPolitics: Star Jones Says ‘Bernie Bro’ Vitriol May Reflect ‘Reality Show World of Politics’ (Listen)

Star Jones
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Star Jones, who is a celebrity surrogate for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, says that the rhetoric of the race has reached the point where “it is almost as if we have gone to the reality show world of politics.”

There is Donald Trump, the former host of “Celebrity Apprentice” on which Jones was a contestant. But she was also referring to the acrimony that Clinton supporters have experienced from some supporters of Bernie Sanders.

“What bothers me is not the ability of the party to come together, but the rhetoric from, especially from the Sanders side which is just relentlessly attacking Secretary Clinton,” she told Variety‘s “PopPolitics” on SiriusXM. “We are trying to elect a president, and I have seen there is this nastiness online. We live in a social media environment now, so some of the rules have really changed. But they shouldn’t have. We are supposed to conduct ourselves with decorum and respect. I believe you can disagree without being disagreeable.”

She says that Sanders is “very nice, very pleasant, but very, very shallow on the facts.”

She notes that Clinton has been described as “wonkish” and “wipes the floor with everybody” on her knowledge of the issues and with her plans to fix problems.

She said in contrast to the 2008 campaign, a bruising race between Clinton and Barack Obama, “I never felt that President Obama went after then Senator Clinton in a personal way. The president’s supporters were not trolling Hillary, nor were Hillary’s supporters trolling President Obama.” This year, she noted, the so-called “Bernie Bros” have “viciously come after people who expose support for Secretary Clinton.”

“I just never saw this level of vitriol,” she said. “You can be supportive of your candidate, but you don’t need to try to tear down the party in order to do it. It is almost like we have gone into the reality show world of politics. Let’s just jump across the table and snatch somebody’s hair for ratings. That is not what presidential politics should be.”

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