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PopPolitics: Ashley Judd Says She Nearly Ran for Senate, Rob Reiner on Anti-Trump Tweets

Ashley Judd Twitter Trolls Assult
Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

On a special edition of “PopPolitics” from Philadelphia, director Rob Reiner talks about why he’s engaged in an anti-Donald Trump Twitter crusade, and encouraging other entertainment industry figures to do the same.

“It is the most disturbing thing that we have a man like this running for president,” he says. “I guess what we are learning that all of the racism that has been submerged since Johnson signed the civil rights act is basically bubbling to the surface and this guy’s giving it voice. That’s a very disturbing idea.”

Ashley Judd, who also was in Philadelphia for the convention, talks about the emotion of the moment, and why she isn’t ruling out a run for office herself. She considered running for Senate in 2014 against Mitch McConnell but ultimately decided against it.

“I believe with good intentions and a certain approach to life, I could be useful in either space (public or private). I really don’t know,” she said.

Producer Eric Ortner says that the heavy presence of entertainment at the convention will probably translate into stars on the campaign trail. He talks about how campaigns are becoming more sophisticated in how they deploy celebrities to help candidates in campaigns and on social media.

Nikki Schwab of Daily Mail compares the Democratic National Convention to the GOP gathering a week earlier, and whether it matters.

Listen the the complete shows below:

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