Academy Insists Girl Scout Cookie Payment Is On the Way

Oscar is no cookie monster: Girl Scouts will be paid!

Oscars Chris Rock Girl Scouts
Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

Despite an online report, the Girl Scouts will indeed receive the $65,000 pledged during the Feb. 28 Oscar ceremony — scout’s honor.

“Of course we have every intention of honoring our commitment to the Girl Scouts,” said a spokesperson at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. “They were such a highlight, and we were happy to have them.”

Billing and payments on a complicated telecast like the Academy Awards take time, and it’s been less than two weeks since the broadcast. But the Academy rep assures that the payment will come as soon as possible.

In a comedy bit, Chris Rock introduced members of Girl Scout Troop 5215, who went into the audience at the Dolby Theatre to sell cookies. Rock announced later that the group had raised $65,000.

TMZ posted a story on March 11 saying, “We’ve learned the money is nowhere to be found.” TMZ said the money in theory would be paid to the Greater L.A. Council, and the Inglewood troop would receive $1,000, thanks to the organization’s rules. But the mother of one troop member said no money so far had been received by the troop, the L.A. group or the National Girl Scout Council. The headline was “The $65,000 lie.” But apparently it’s not a lie — just a delay.