Hillary Clinton is weighing in on the Oscar diversity problem.

The presidential contender said in an interview with AOL.com that the moves by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences to diversify its membership are “overdue.”

“I think it is overdue, but the Academy announced that they are going to be making some changes, as they should,” Clinton said Wednesday during the interview.

The Academy voted last week to overhaul membership and voting rules in an effort to double its number of women and diverse members within the next four years. The organization came under fire after nominating only white actors for the second year in a row.

She added that the Academy has to “catch up with our reality.”

“Just think of the great films that not only display the diversity of America, but the diversity of the human experience,” she said.

Her comments reflect the extent to which the issue has drawn attention beyond the entertainment industry. Donald Trump has also chimed in, calling it a “difficult situation.” While fellow GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson said last week that “Hollywood could do a better job of honoring all of these stories, regardless of who tells them or the ideology they represent,” he also dismissed the awards show.

“But at the end of the day, the American people have far more important concerns than a few Hollywood elites handing themselves awards,” Carson said in a statement.