Omarosa Manigault has a message for African-American voters this November: don’t get tricked into voting Democrat.

“African-Americans don’t have to just vote Democratic,” Manigault said Tuesday evening at the Los Angeles premiere of “Ben-Hur.”

Manigault, a former contestant on Donald Trump’s NBC reality competition series “The Apprentice,” was recently named director of American-American outreach for the Trump campaign.

When asked about Trump’s appeal to diverse U.S. voters, Manigault said that her personal experience growing up in an impoverished neighborhood made her realize the importance of the presidential candidate’s economic plans.

“I grew up in Youngstown, Ohio, where the average income is right below the poverty line,” Manigault said. “[Trump’s] economic proposals and policies will certainly improve the conditions in our community.”

Manigault went on to criticize the Obama administration for its alleged lack of attention to the financial struggles many Americans face today.

“We’ve had seven years of a Democratic administration, and yet people in my hometown are still struggling, and there are cities across the entire country that are still struggling,” Manigault went on to say. “That message [of struggle] resonates with African-Americans, and that is the message that we share.”

Though Election Day is still months away, Manigault hopes to convince African-Americans that there are better options than the Democratic party.

“There is an educational component to my position [as director],” Manigault continued. “[African-Americans] need to consider the policies of the Republican party to help them.”