Mike Huckabee Says Those Who Want to Disrupt GOP Convention Were ‘Raised by Wolves’

Mike Huckabee Eye of the Tiger
Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock

Mike Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas and 2016 presidential candidate, said that the possibility of protests disruptions was “unfortunate.”

“Only because there are always people — their parents apparently didn’t raise them, they were raised by wolves” he told Variety. “And so they want to be disruptive, and that is unfortunate.”

Huckabee quipped about the level of security at this year’s convention as being akin to that seen in Arkansas maximum security prisons. But he said that security four years ago, at the GOP convention in Tampa, also was intense.

“Tampa was over the top in so many ways. I thought it was like a gulag. And this may be every bit the same. … Sometimes it is really hard to fathom. It is a very well organized security operation. It has to be.”

Huckabee said that in a best scenario for the GOP, on Friday people are talking about a convention in which the party “comes together and people realize that we have a real shot to bring people in the Republican party who have never voted Republican before, and win the election.”