Hillary Clinton took advantage of the lewd comments Donald Trump made in 2005 that leaked just two days earlier, saying the controversial video represents “exactly who he is” at Sunday night’s presidential debate.

Upon being asked about the comments, Trump said, “This was locker room talk. I was not proud of it. I apologized to my family. I apologized to the American people.”

But Clinton launched a scathing attack on Trump based on the comments. “What we all saw and heard on Friday was Donald talking about women, what he thinks about women, what he does to women. He says the video doesn’t rep who he is. But I think it’s clear to anyone who heard it that it represents exactly who he is,” she said.

“We have seen him insult women, we’ve seen him rate women on their appearance, ranking them from one to 10,” she added. “The question our country must answer is, this is not who we are. I want to send a message to every boy and girl that America not only is great but we are great because we are good.”

For his part, Trump attacked Bill Clinton, saying of the former president, “There has never been anybody in in politics, the history of this nation, that has been so abusive to women.” The Republican nominee also held a press conference just an hour before the debate with four women who have accused Bill Clinton of inappropriate sexual behavior.

The leaked “Access Hollywood” tape from more than a decade ago has had serious implications on Trump’s campaign; many high-profile Republicans have come out against him, and Billy Bush, a then-“Access Hollywood” co-anchor who egged Trump on in the tape, has been suspended from his current job at NBC’s “Today.”