Endorsement Watch: Britney Spears Meets Hillary, Dick Van Dyke Campaigns for Bernie

Britney Spears Meets Hillary, Dick Van Dyke Campaigns for Bernie
Courtesy of Instagram

Britney Spears met with Hillary Clinton in Las Vegas on Thursday, and although the pop star expressed praise for the former secretary of state, it’s unclear if it is a full endorsement.

“Such an inspiration and beautiful voice for women around the world!!!” Spears wrote on Instagram, including a photo with Clinton. “This woman had an intense presence and I feel very honored to meet her!!!” IJReview reported that her posts originally included the Clinton campaign hashtag #Imwithher but they were removed.


Clinton is trying to boost her showing among younger voters, who backed rival Bernie Sanders by lopsided margins in the New Hampshire primary. Polling for Saturday’s Nevada caucuses shows a tight race between Clinton and Sanders, although there have not been as many polls conducted in that state as in New Hampshire and Iowa.

On Friday, Clinton’s campaign unveiled a new ad narrated by Morgan Freeman, titled “All the Good.” The spot highlights her work on juvenile justice issues in South Carolina, among other aspects of her career. The ad will start running in South Carolina this weekend, and a 30-second version will run nationwide on cable.

Sanders’ campaign got assistance in Nevada from 90-year-old Dick Van Dyke, who emceed a “Bands for Bernie” concert in Reno on Thursday night. He also spoke at the University of Nevada for the Vermont senator.

“He’s got a fire in his belly, there’s no doubt about that,” Van Dyke told the Reno Gazette Journal. “The rest of the candidates act as if the problem he brings up doesn’t exist. And for god sakes, they’re afraid to say so.”

According to the paper, the last candidate who Van Dyke actively campaigned for was Democrat Eugene McCarthy in 1968.