Hillary Clinton made her first comments on the proposed AT&T-Time Warner merger on Wednesday, telling reporters that the transaction “raises questions and concerns, and they should be looked into.”

According to Reuters, Clinton said that if she is elected president, “I will expect the government to conduct a very thorough analysis before making a decision.”

Clinton’s rival, Donald Trump, has already said that he would not allow the merger, saying that it would create too much concentration of corporate power. He noted that Time Warner is the parent company of CNN, which he has often criticized for their coverage of his campaign.

The merger is expected to go before the Department of Justice, where it will be scrutinized by officials in the antitrust division. It would then be up to Justice Department officials to determine whether to sue to try to block the deal, to negotiate a settlement with the companies that includes conditions, or to take no action and allow it to proceed.

What is unclear is what other government agencies will look at the deal. The FCC traditionally examines mergers if it involves a transfer of licenses. AT&T and Time Warner officials have said that they are looking at what licenses they hold to determine whether they have to submit an application to the FCC.

Clinton’s running mate, Tim Kaine, said Sunday on “Meet the Press” that he also had concerns over the merger. “Less concentration, I think, is generally helpful, especially in the media.”

Clinton’s primary rival, Bernie Sanders, already came out against the deal, calling it a “gross concentration of power.”

Clinton has called for increased antitrust review and enforcement as part of her campaign platform.