Weinstein Co. chief Harvey Weinstein criticized the tenets of Bernie Sanders’ campaign proposals during his Friday appearance on “CBS This Morning,” saying Sanders’ plan to provide free college tuition and health care to all Americans would bankrupt the country.

Weinstein has been an active supporter of Sanders’ Democratic rival for the presidential nomination, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. When asked about the crowd of 27,000 that turned out for Sanders on Wednesday night in Washington Square Park, Weinstein cited the Who’s 1971 rock anthem “Won’t Get Fooled Again.” Polls show Clinton has a comfortable lead against Sanders in New York, which hold its primary on April 19.

“He’s got a great idea,” Weinstein said facetiously about Sanders’ universal health care and college tuition proposals. Instead, he said, “Let’s get (it to) the ones who can’t afford health care. It’s an easier solution than saying, ‘Let’s give it away and then bankrupt the country.'”

Weinstein noted that his 18-year-old daughter Emma had been a Sanders supporter but changed her mind after Sanders questioned Clinton’s qualifications to be president. He also noted that his mother had started out as a Donald Trump supporter but has switched to Clinton.

“I can afford to send my kids to school,” he said. “Let’s concentrate on getting the kids who can’t afford it to go to school.”

Weinstein called Clinton “a strong proven leader,” a vital quality for turbulent times. “The world’s crazy right now,” he said. “We need that strong hand.”

Weinstein was on the CBS morning news show to promote Weinstein Co.’s new comedy “Sing Street.” Friday marked the last day in the control room for “CBS This Morning” exec producer Chris Licht, who is moving to “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” as showrunner. Weinstein joked that he was the secret to Licht’s success in turning the show into CBS’ most competitive morning program in decades.

“He’s been calling me for advice every day,” Weinstein said. “When he’s in trouble, I have to call (CBS chief) Les Moonves.”