Gavin Polone, an original producer on “The Gilmore Girls,” has filed suit against Warner Bros., seeking payment for Netflix’s planned revival of the TV series.

Polone’s lawsuit, with Hofflund/Polone named as plaintiffs, claims that an agreement for the original series entitles him to payments for the revival. He contends that their agreement from 2000 and settlement agreement from 2002 entitles him to $32,500 for each episode produced after 2003, a percentage of the modified adjusted gross, and credit as executive producer in the opening title or main credit.

A Warner Bros. spokesman said they had no immediate comment.

Netflix plans four, 90-minute revival movies with the original cast and writer-director Amy Sherman-Palladino on board.

Polone’s lawsuit contends that Warner Bros. has refused payment and has “made the absurd claim” that the revival are derivative works not covered by the original agreement. But Polone contends that it is merely a continuation of the series, which ran from 2000 to 2007.

His lawsuit also claims that Warner Bros. “appears to erroneously believe” the revival is not a television series because it is being produced for Netflix.

His lawsuit claims breach of contract.