More Pipe Bombs Found in New Jersey as Same Man Wanted for NY, NJ Explosions

New York and New Jersey Bombings:
ndres Kudacki/AP/REX/Shutterstock

UPDATED: Police have named an Afghan-American in connection with an explosion in Elizabeth, N.J., and the Saturday bombing in New York.

The explosion in Elizabeth occurred in the early hours of Monday morning. It appears that a device detonated as a police robot was attempting to defuse it and cut a wire.

The device was one of five discovered late Sunday night in a backpack stashed in a trashcan near the railway station. “That was not a controlled explosion,” Elizabeth mayor Christian Bollwage told local media. The FBI confirmed the discovery of devices and the explosion.

The incident followed an explosion Saturday in New York’s Chelsea district that injured 29 people and the discovery of a second device nearby. Three pipe bomb devices were also found later in another part of New Jersey.

The devices in Elizabeth were discovered by two men scavenging for valuables in the bin. When they saw wires and pipes they left the bag and walked to a police station to report it, according to Bollwage.

Police described the explosion on Saturday in New York and a stabbing attack in Minnesota as acts of terrorism. Police also said that they were unlikely to have been organized by an international group, despite a claim by Islamic State that it was responsible for the stabbing in Minnesota. It is unclear whether the Elizabeth explosion is connected.

Later the police released the name of an Afghanistan-born American citizen, Ahmad Khan Rahami, they are seeking for questioning in connection with both the New York and New Jersey incidents. He is believed to be a New Jersey resident.