PopPolitics: Why Eric Garcetti Says He’d ‘Love’ for Trump to Try to Contest California (Listen)

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Donald Trump has said that he thinks he can win California in the general election, a statement that Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti says that he loves to hear.

“I would love for him to spend some money in a very expensive media market,” Garcetti tells Variety‘s “PopPolitics” on SiriusXM. “I would love to spend some time here instead of some other battleground states.”

Garcetti predicts that California will “absolutely stay Democratic” come November, even though Trump has been holding heavily attended rallies there in advance of the state’s primary on Tuesday. He is the presumptive nominee in the GOP contest, as all of his rivals have dropped out, but he has indicted that his campaign is building a base of support for the fall.

“This is a man who is out of touch with our state’s values, who doesn’t represent the initiatives that we have, and I think most importantly would be very dangerous for us economically,” Garcetti says.

A Republican presidential candidate has not won California’s electoral votes since George H.W. Bush captured the state in 1988 over Michael Dukakis. Since then, it has been safely in the Democratic column. Trump has said that he will contest other states that have been Democratic bastions as well, like those in the industrial Midwest. But new voter registration in California has heavily favored the Democrats.

He says that Trump’s appeal is “something along the lines of subconscious. [He’s] someone who just promises us everything is going to be okay, who is the embodiment for some people of ‘Oh wow, I could be a billionaire. I could have beautiful wives. I could do whatever I want. I could have a reality show.’ It is more a fantasy than I think anything of his record. He is not a great businessman. He’s a great con man.”

Garcetti also gave his predictions for Tuesday’s primary race between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Garcetti endorsed Clinton, but says that he thinks it will be a close race, with the margin about 52% to 48% either way. “I’d like to think it’d be a 50%-50% vote with Hillary Clinton maybe up 0.1% or 0.2%,” he says.

Garcetti also talks about how homelessness should be atop the list of issues in the general election, as the federal government has cut housing dollars that have forced cities like Los Angeles to scramble to come up with funds to deal with the crisis.

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O.J.: Made in America

Ezra Edelman talks about his new ESPN docuseries, “O.J.: Made in America,” which examines the life and career of O.J. Simpson against the political and cultural forces at work from the ’60s to the ’90s. The Simpson trial in 1995 is just one aspect of the project, but Edelman convinced many of the principles to talk, including former Los Angeles District Attorney Gil Garcetti.

“As much as [Simpson] seduced us, we were also seduced by him, which explains why we were so crushed as a culture when he was accused of murder,” Edelman says.

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What If Bernie Wins California?

Clinton is likely to clinch the Democratic nomination this week, but what happens if Sanders wins California? Mary Murphy of USC Annenberg and David Cohen of Variety talk about whether this will stymie Clinton’s ability to unify the party in July, when Democrats meet in Philadelphia. They also talk about Trump’s attacks on the press, and his threats to attack the media if he is in the White House.

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