UPDATED: Hollywood joined the rest of America in watching the 2016 Election with bated breath, from the moments the polls closed to president-elect Donald Trump’s victory speech.

The reaction from a largely liberal entertainment industry was mostly one of shock. Judd Apatow lamented, “After the wonderful Obamas it is going to be horrifying to see that awful family in the White House.”

Sarah Silverman tweeted a quote by Anne Frank: “In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.”

After the results were announced, Questlove Gomez tweeted, “We Had One Job.”

As hope of Hillary Clinton becoming the first female president in this election was dashed, “Scandal” actor Josh Malina tweeted, “Somewhere tonight there’s a little, racist, narcissistic, woman-hating, Jew-baiting kid who now knows that he can grow up to be President.”

Given Trump’s stance on immigrants, Jordan Peele tweeted, “I refuse believe Donald Trump was born in this country.”

Even Captain America himself, Chris Evans, weighed in as the race narrowed down. “This is an embarrassing night for America,” he wrote. “We’ve let a hatemonger lead our great nation. We’ve let a bully set our course. I’m devastated.”

As the electoral map turned red and Trump claimed victories in battleground states like Ohio, Florida and North Carolina, many celebrities hopes turned into fear.

Comedian Patton Oswalt tweeted throughout the night.

As Trump pulled ahead, he posted: “I am sh-tting things I didn’t eat into pants I’m not wearing.”

He followed with this:

“Congrats @amazon: This is the night THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE becomes a sitcom,” referencing the fictional drama where Nazi Germany won World War II and conquered America.

Cher was also tweeting up a storm, mostly in disbelief.


“How did [Trump] get this far? He should be in jail and throw away the key. Maybe then he can grab his own p-ssy.”


She added, “Nothing is funny about tonight!! Million of women, POC, Muslim, n immigrants are scared sh-tless.”

Khloe Kardashian was also in disbelief.

“It shouldn’t be this close,” the reality star posted.

Ariana Grande posted, “Well this is utterly terrifying.”

Shonda Rhimes tweeted, “Uh, America?”

Rashida Jones wrote, “I just want to remind everyone that we are looking at a very close race with a presidential candidate who was endorsed by the KKK.”

Wil Wheaton agreed, writing, “America, we are way too comfortable with racism, misogyny, and bigotry. I’m profoundly disappointed in us as a nation.”

Kristen Bell called for unity in this divisive time. “No matter who wins — my offer still stands — can we please all be friends again in the morning,” she wrote, followed by the hashtag #TEAMHUMAN.

Brooke Burke-Charvet echoed Bell’s sentiments.

When I’m scared I just pray. Whatever happens tonight. We will face a deeply divided nation that may take a long time to heal.

Leslie Jones posted, “Welp! I’m going home early cause I don’t know wtf is happening. I want to be near my weapons cause it’s gonna be crazy if he wins! Lol”

“House of Cards” creator Beau Willimon, whose show is all about politics, encouraged others to mobilize. “If he wins we must get over our disbelief & dismay immediately. We use that energy starting tomorrow to prevent him from ruining the nation.”

However, Trump did have some celebrity supporters.

Kirstie Alley explained what mobilized her fellow Trump supporters. “People want jobs want good wages want fair and limited government want a cleaned up planet but mostly happiness.”

Stephen Baldwin posted a screengrab of Fox News showing a sizable Trump lead with the caption, “God is moving and America is speaking!!” He followed that with PTL, an abbreviation for “Praise the Lord.”

Jenna Jameson, who tweeted as battleground states swung in Trump’s favor, “We are watching history being made.”


Fellow adult star Tila Tequila wrote, “Take a good look at what the right side of history looks like!”