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Dwyane Wade Tells Jamie Foxx: ‘I Was Always the Underdog’ – Presented by Mercedes-Benz

Dwyane Wade Embraced Being an Underdog: "It Pushed Me"
Chelsea Lauren/Variety/REX/Shutterstock

NBA star and new Chicago Bulls shooting guard Dwyane Wade chatted about performance with Oscar winner Jamie Foxx in a video presented by Mercedes-Benz. Wade told Foxx that he didn’t let the struggle of being an underdog keep him down.

“I was always the underdog, and it was OK because I embraced that,” Wade said. “That just pushed me and pushed me, and even getting drafted fifth pick in the NBA I was still an underdog.”

But one of the most important keys to success was his father. Wade, who was featured during Variety’s Sports & Entertainment Summit, remembered a specific game where his dad became a driving force.

“I remember one game I had like—this was the most proud he’d even been of me—I had ten points, 11 rebounds, I had like nine assists, nine steals, I had like eight blocks and I saw pride in my dad. And at that moment I said, ‘I need to be a player who’s not just about points, a player that does everything, so I can get that look in my dad’s eyes.”

Wade also stressed the importance of seizing the moment because they don’t come around too often.

“I was just Chicago-tough, that’s always on my mind,” he added.

Wade will suit up for the Bulls on October 27th v. the Boston Celtics.

Watch the interview below: