Donald Trump and Rupert Murdoch will apparently put their differences aside to discuss the United Kingdom’s recent exit from the European Union.

The presumptive GOP nominee is in Scotland to celebrate the re-opening of a golf course in his name in Aderbeen. Trump told a group of reporters while on the golf course that he would meet with the 85-year-old media mogul to talk about Brexit, according to CNN.

Trump has been open with his support of the controversial Brexit vote, calling it a “great thing.” He said on Friday, when he first landed in Scotland, that the Brits have “taken back their country.”

He also congratulated himself on predicting the historic referendum. “I said this was going to happen,” he said.

Trump and Murdoch have had a rocky relationship, to say the least. The News Corp. owner, who used to be active on Twitter, has unleashed several posts against Trump during his presidential run, once calling him “thin-skinned.” He also defended Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly after Trump slammed her following the heated August 2015 GOP debate.

As recently as February, Murdoch took aim at Trump’s finger-pointing. “Trump blames me for WSJ poll, fights FoxNews,” he tweeted. “Time to calm down. If I running anti-Trump conspiracy then doing lousy job!”