Donald Trump entered to Queen’s “We Are the Champions” when he came out to introduce his wife Melania Trump at the Republican National Convention on Monday.

After the applause quieted, Trump said “we’re going to win, we’re going to win so big,” before repeating the phrase over more applause. He then introduced his wife.

“Ladies and gentlemen it is my great honor to present the next First Lady of the United States,” Trump said My wife, an amazing mother, an incredible woman, Melania Trump.”

Queen founding member Brian May had criticized Trump recently in an open letter for using their song.

“I can confirm that permission to use the track was neither sought nor given,” he wrote. “Regardless of our views on Mr Trump’s platform, it has always been against our policy to allow Queen music to be used as a political campaigning tool.”

The Republication National Convention, taking place in Cleveland, Ohio, runs through Thursday, July 21.