Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Blasts Donald Trump Ahead of SoCal Visit

Eric Garcetti Donald Trump
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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said that Donald Trump was the “walking embodiment of the worst of our values” in a press call tied to the presumptive Republican nominee’s visit to Southern California on Wednesday.

“We don’t take LGBT or Muslim or Mexican Americans and try to scare people about them,” Garcetti said in a press call arranged by the Democratic National Committee. “We actually invite them to be part of the core prosperity of this city. And I think we have to keep speaking up, but what we cannot do with Donald Trump is normalize him as a candidate.”

Garcetti, a Democrat, has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, but he noted that both she and her rival for the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders, have raised such arguments against Trump as well.

“He’s a racist, he’s a bigot, he’s sexist, and he’s the walking embodiment of the worst of our values,” Garcetti said. He also called him the “ultimate caricature,” but declined to call Trump a fascist.

Trump is scheduled to hold a rally in Anaheim on Wednesday afternoon. He later will appear on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in Hollywood and attend a fundraiser at the home of real estate investor Thomas Barrack, with tickets starting at $25,000 per person. The money is being raised for a joint committee of the Trump campaign, the Republican National Committee and state party committees.

Garcetti predicted that a Democratic candidate would win the state of California in November, even as Trump has vowed to scramble the recent trends of the electoral map. The last Republican presidential candidate to win the state was George H.W. Bush in 1988.

Also on the press call was Henry Vandermeir, chairman of the Orange County Democratic Party. He noted that although Republicans still hold a voter registration advantage in the county, long a conservative stronghold, the gap has narrowed to just seven points, and that Democrats have been ahead of the GOP when it comes to new registrants.