Donald Trump: Clinton’s Use of Celebrities Is ‘Demeaning to the Political Process’

Donald Trump Final Debate
Mark Ralston/Pool via AP

Donald Trump went on an extended riff over Hillary Clinton’s extensive use of top musicians and other celebrities on the campaign trail, calling it “demeaning to the political process.”

At a rally in Denver late Saturday, Trump said that he doesn’t “need Beyonce.”

“And I don’t need Jay Z… I don’t need JLo and I don’t need Jon Bon Jovi,” he added. All have performed at Clinton campaign rallies in recent days.

He criticized Beyonce and Jay Z’s appearance with Clinton in Cleveland on Friday, noting Jay Z’s use of profanity in lyrics. Clinton has called out Trump for using lewd language, Trump said, but she’s “fine” with Jay Z’s profanity.

On Friday, Beyonce and Jay Z endorsed Clinton, with Beyonce saying, “I want my daughter to grow up seeing a woman lead our country and know that her possibilities are limitless.” Jay Z, meanwhile, appeared to take a shot at Trump. “Once you divide us, you weaken us,” he said on stage.

Trump earlier in the day said that he didn’t need celebrities to draw crowds. He has, however, invited Ted Nugent, who has been an open Trump supporter, to an appearance in Michigan on Sunday, according to the Detroit News.