Whether or not America is ready for President-elect Donald Trump, the Walt Disney Company is prepared.

The entertainment conglomerate’s Florida theme park already has a bust of Trump ready to take its place in the Hall of the Presidents in Orlando, Florida, Disney CEO Robert Iger said on a quarterly earnings call Thursday.

After saying that Trump’s initial meeting with President Obama this week appeared cordial, Iger added: “Smooth transitions are good. I will say on the smooth transitions front: we are going through a smooth transition as well. We have already prepared a bust of President-elect Trump to go into our Hall of the Presidents at Disney World.”

In response to a question, Iger called it “too early to speculate” on what a Trump administration will mean for Disney or for other companies. He did call on Washington “both the executive and legislative branches to take a look at the current tax policy of the United States.” Iger added: “Particularly the corporate tax rate and to close more loopholes, but lower the corporate tax rate. We are no longer competitive with the rest of the world in that regard and that must be addressed.”

Iger also praised Obama and Trump for “an attempt … to approach this in a rational, cordial way … That can only be good for business and for the country.”