CLEVELAND — Colony Capital chairman Tom Barrack emerged as the most prominent media biz-related figure to speak at the Republican National Convention when he took the stage Thursday to hail his friend of 40 years, Donald Trump.

Barrack served as chairman of Miramax Films for three years until it was sold to BeIn Sports earlier this year. Colony Capital was the lead firm that bought out Miramax from Disney for $663 million in 2010.

Stressing his long relationship with Trump as a businessman and friend, Barrack told the crowd at the Quicken Loans Arena that the Republican presidential nominee is “good enough, tough enough, smart enough and well-versed enough to do it on his own merits.”

Barrack offered a series of anecdotes about his friendship with Trump. The two met in the 1980s when Barrack negotiated the sale of a New York City hotel to Trump.

“He played me like a Steinway piano,” Barrack said, but the two became close friends afterward.

Barrack cited Trump’s meticulous habits as good qualities for a commander in chief.

“He shows up on time. He befriends the bewildered,” Barrack said. “He does all this with the discipline of an animal in the jungle.”