Carrie Fisher Could Still Receive an Official Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Carrie Fisher Walk of Fame Star

Since Carrie Fisher died on Tuesday, the grieving process for those left behind has taken different forms — sharing photos, writing tributes and posting “Star Wars” quotes among the most popular — and, for some, the Hollywood tradition of visiting the Walk of Fame to commemorate the deceased with flowers and other mementos. Only, for Fisher, the star doesn’t exist.

The realization that Fisher doesn’t have a place on the Walk of Fame prompted fans to create a makeshift one on an untapped plot at the corner of Orange Drive and Hollywood Blvd. They inscribed her name and quoted, “May the force be with you. Always hope,” and laid flowers, candles and cinnamon rolls (in honor of Princess Leia’s signature hair style) on the sidewalk. George Michael got a similar treatment. He also died recently, on Christmas Day, and does not have a star. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and city of Los Angeles allow these types of memorials with an understanding that people crave a public space to grieve.

But all hope is not lost for Fisher’s Walk of Fame future. Each year the Hollywood Walk of Fame awards stars posthumously. The rules state, though, that for her to receive a star there is a “five-year waiting period after death” before any deceased person can be nominated.

In this case, Fisher’s family would still apply through the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, like any applicant, in one of the five designated categories — film, television, radio, stage and music. If the deceased entertainer is selected, it’s up to the family to decide who pays the required $30,000 sponsorship fee. A selection committee decides on the group of recipients each year. Jerry Goldsmith and Selena Quintanilla are both part of the 2017 class, while Toshiro Mifune, William S. Paley and “Mama” Cass Elliot all joined the attraction in 2016.

Like Michael’s and the rest, Fisher’s fate in Hollywood, it seems, is still to be determined.

See photos of Carrie Fisher and George Michael’s fan-made stars below: