CAA has launched a new consulting service, CAA Social Impact, which works with public and private sector companies to develop, implement, and market their philanthropic, social responsibility, and cause-related initiative.

It will be led by former CAA marketing executive Aubree Curtis and Judee Ann Williams, who most recently served as the co-executive director of the CAA Foundation. The plan will allow for the creation of roadmaps for effective corporate citizenship at the intersection of brand purpose and impact strategies.

“Social responsibility is now a fundamental principle and practice for all businesses that want to have meaning in the modern world. Companies whose products are designed for positive impact and brands that are able to articulate and deliver against their core values are seeing a positive correlation with their bottom line and beyond,” said Curtis and Williams in a joint statement. “CAA Social Impact will help companies realize the transformational power of aligning their businesses against social impact goals.”

With spending on corporate societal engagement totaling $24.5 billion annually, many companies view corporate social responsibility as a business imperative, with financial performance positively linked to community investments.

“For decades, CAA has been deeply engaged in advising clients on their philanthropic interests and helping brands tell their stories,” said CAA President Richard Lovett. “As the marketplace has evolved, we have identified an additional and growing business need, which sits at the intersection of a company’s social impact activities to drive consumer engagement and the positive societal outcomes that are achievable when businesses harness their power for good.”