CAA’s Bryan Lourd to Host Gathering About Taking Action Against Anti-LGBT State Bills

Bryan Lourd anti-LGBT state bills
Billy Farrell/BFAnyc.com/REX/Shutterstock

CAA’s Bryan Lourd is hosting a gathering of Hollywood entertainment figures on Wednesday with Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin about the latest steps in fighting “religious liberty” and other legislation in states like North Carolina, Mississippi and Tennessee.

The early evening event at Lourd and Bruce Bozzi’s home is not a fundraiser, but a discussion.

“The challenges we are all facing to bring equality to every person and state in our country is more timely than ever,” the invite states. “We all need to know what is happening right now across the nation and what we can do as a far-reaching group to help. The needle is moving and now is the time for us to get together as a community and use our influence to help push those states that are openly discriminating against LGBT people.”

North Carolina’s governor, Pat McCrory, signed legislation last month that limits local LGBT anti-discrimination measures, including those to protect transgender individuals. It has triggered a backlash that included condemnation from major corporations as well as Hollywood studios, and performers like Bruce Springsteen canceled concerts in the states. McCrory announced a series of executive orders last week to try to alleviate some of the concerns, but some LGBT groups have said it is too little, too late.

Mississippi’s governor signed a religious freedom law earlier this month. It goes into effect on July 1. Legislation in also pending in Tennessee, including a bill to restrict which bathrooms transgender individuals can use. GLAAD has been calling on Nashville artists and others to speak out on the proposed legislation in that state.