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PHILADELPHIA — Hundreds of Bernie Sanders supporters and delegates protested Hillary Clinton’s nomination as the Democratic presidential candidate by walking out of the Wells Fargo Arena and occupying adjacent press tent.

The delegates and supporters walked out of Tuesday’s Democratic National Convention chanting “The World is Watching” and marched straight into the press area, where the police barricaded them in the room for about an hour until the situation was diffused.

Lt. John McDonald of the Philadelphia Police Department said there were no arrests, but the press tent was sealed off to give officers a chance to talk to demonstrations.

“We are sick of Democratic rhetoric,” New Jersey delegate Derel Stroud, who was not in the tent but took part in the protest, said outside. “Actions speak louder than words.”

He said that he would “absolutely” vote for Hillary Clinton, as “we are doing nothing but dividing the party more if we go out and write Bernie in, or vote foe Trump, or vote for Jill Stein. It makes no sense.”

But, he said, “If Hillary Clinton doesn’t want to push our issues, then dammit, we need to push our issues. And if you don’t believe that people matter, then take the cameras to the glass where they have locked most of us in to try to silence us.”

A number of demonstrators wore tape over their mouth with the message, “Silenced.”

After about an hour, they streamed out of the tent, a representative of Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, asked if they wanted to set up a meeting with her.

As the roll call vote was proceeding, there were rumblings in the California delegations that some of his delegates plan to take some sort of action.

Some members of the press were amused by being stuck there. “Trapped by Bernie Bros,” read a sign from one journalist on a tent window.

On Monday night, Bernie Sanders urged his supporters to back Clinton for the presidency.

“The choice is not even close,” he said, referring to opposition GOP candidate Donald Trump.

The Democratic National Convention, hosted by Philadelphia, runs until Thursday.