Antonio Sabato Jr. is so he’s elated that Donald Trump was elected president, he’s already figured out a way to help make America great again.

“I would love to work with fitness, with that department, like what Arnold Schwarzenegger was doing for the country many years ago,” Sabato Jr. tells Variety, referring to the “Terminator” star’s role on George H.W. Bush’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports from 1990 to 1993.

“I think it’s important to talk about fitness and bring more fitness to schools across the country,” Sabato Jr. says. “They don’t approach P.E. in schools like they need to.”

Sabato Jr., an ex-soap opera star of “The Bold and the Beautiful” who memorably showed off his toned physique in a series of ’90s underwear ads for Calvin Klein, was one of the few actors to stump for Trump at last summer’s Republican National Convention. He’s yet to speak to the president-elect about joining the Trump administration, but he anticipates a trip to the White House soon. “I would personally do anything for the guy or his family,” Sabato Jr. says. “It’s great to say, ‘President Trump!’” 

Sabato Jr. says that since last Tuesday’s surprise win, he’s heard from many people in Hollywood who had been privately supporting Trump. “There’s a lot of producers I know that want to produce their own faith-based, Republican-based movies,” he says, predicting a surge in that genre. “The studios don’t do it. People are starting their own production companies. Everything is changing.”