Canal Plus Group’s CEO Maxime Saada has been tapped chairman of Dailymotion, one of the world’s biggest aggregation and distribution platforms which draws over 3.5 billion video views per month.

Vivendi acquired Dailymotion in June 2015 for a reported 217 million Euros. Saada, who will stay CEO of Canal Plus Group, will replace Dailymotion’s current chairman Cedric Tournay.

Saada will be responsible for fast-tracking synergies between Dailymotion and all of Vivendi’s other businesses including Canal Plus.

Saada will work with Guiseppe de Martino and Martin Rogard, both exec VP of Dailymotion.

The acquisition of Dailymotion, Youtube’s main rival, has marked a milestone in Vivendi’s strategy, allowing the company to expand its presence in the OTT landscape and overseas.

Saada became CEO of Canal Plus Group in July, replacing Rodolphe Belmer.