LONDON – Donald Trump, on a visit Friday to his golf courses in Scotland, called British voters’ decision to exit the European Union a “great thing.”

“Basically, they took back their country,” said Trump, wearing his “Make American Great Again” cap. “That’s a great thing.”

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee congratulated himself on his predictive powers, declaring: “I said this was going to happen.” The final tally from Thursday’s historic referendum showed that 17.4 million British voters cast a ballot to leave the E.U., while 16.1 million wanted to stay.

Whether Trump’s presence in Britain is a great thing is open to question. After he made his controversial statement about barring Muslim immigrants from entering the U.S., he was roundly denounced by many British politicians, and more than half a million people have signed a public petition to ban him from entering Britain.

Every major Scottish political leader who received an invitation to join Trump for the opening of his Turnberry golf resort in Scotland turned down the offer. Protesters who accuse him of Islamophobia and racism have also planned a Stand Up to Trump rally at Turnberry.