Wanda, the Chinese property to entertainment giant that is eyeing global expansion, has temporarily closed its Wuhan movie-flavored theme park.

The park, which the company claimed was the world’s first indoor theme park, opened only 20 months ago in December 2014. It was built at a cost of some $550 million (RMB3.8 billion)

In a statement the company said that the park closed on Sunday (July 31) for “renovation and upgrade works to better serve our guests with better content, as well as with a brand new experience.”

The company did not reveal the date of planned reopening, nor detail the upgrades. Theme parks are regularly expanded and upgraded, but these do not normally require the closure of the entire park.

Such a move would appear to dent the theme park ambitions of Wanda chairman Wang Jianlin, who in June said that Disney’s Shanghai Disney Resort was not welcome in China and would be beaten by the the challenge of Wanda’s multiple sites around the country.

The Wuhan park has six indoor attractions including a ‘soaring’ experience where visitors are mechanically lifted off the ground and are given the impression of flying by movements on a giant screen that fills their field of vision.

Wanda has invested heavily in Wuhan, in Central China. In addition to the theme park, it built a downtown shopping street, a spectacular red cylindrical theater for a permanent show created by Franco Dragone. It also operates two high end hotels, the Realm and the Reign, that face each other across a major  thoroughfare.