Toronto: France’s MK2 Joins Forces With Jia Zhangke’s Fabula

Jia Zhangke
Courtesy of Fabula Entertainment

Paris-based MK2 has signed a co-production and distribution deal with Fabula Entertainment, the recently-launched company of Chinese director-turned-producer Jia Zhangke.

The deal covers film development and production, international distribution, and support for Open Village, a network of art cinemas being established by Fabula in China. It also stretches to co-development and production of virtual reality and augmented reality content, and building of VR centers in China.

MK2, which has operations stretching from cinema operation through to production and sales, has represented four of Jia’s directorial works since his “24 City” in 2008, as well as the 2015 documentary “A Guy From Fenyang,” directed by Walter Salles about Jia. Fabula was launched in May this year during the Cannes film festival.

“The spirit of MK2 will help us improve the quality of films and cinemas here in China, and thereby share the most creative films in the world with the people in China,” said Jia in a statement. “This is a rather exciting project because, far from Hollywood, the collaboration with a company like MK2 will for sure contribute to the preservation of cultural diversity in this ancient country.”

“(The deal sees MK2) actively participate in the future development of Chinese cinema as well as the promotion of the best in world cinema in China” said company CEO Nathanael Karmitz.

At Toronto, the festival’s new world cinema section Platform was named in honor of Jia’s 2000 feature “Platform.”