China Film Co. expects to raise some $715 million (RMB4.6 billion) from a share sale later this year, according to a report in state-owned China Daily newspaper.

CFC, part of the giant China Film Group, has made multiple previous attempts at an IPO over more than a decade. But each time it has been thwarted either by stock market turbulence or by changes of strategy and approach.

It would most likely list on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. And could do so later this year according to its underwriter CITIC China Securities. Figures are taken from the latest version of CFC’s prospectus which was issued last July shortly before a period of extreme stock market turbulence.

China Film Group has been restructured since the earlier attempts to list the company and it is not currently clear what exactly assets would be floated. Nor is it clear how much of the company could be owned by foreign investors.

CFG has activities ranging from film exhibition, and technology development through to monopoly control over film imports, something that makes it more like a regulator than a normal company. The CFC unit largely focuses on production and distribution.

The injection of new capital would allow it to further ramp up its production activities, and in particular grow its overseas movie investments. Earlier this week it announced further cooperation with Paramount Pictures.