The state of Virginia offers film and TV producer a wide variety of locations, including military installations (the Pentagon, the Norfolk Navy Yard), colonial heritage sites (the towns of Williamsburg and Jamestown), and picturesque landscapes (the Appalachian Mountains, Atlantic Coast beaches),

And to address pocketbook questions, Virginia provides refundable tax credits alongside discretionary grants decided by the governor for projects that bringing bonus value to the state.

The refundable tax credit is pegged at 15% for all qualifying expenses, including wages. It can be boosted by an additional 5% if shooting takes place in the state’s economically distressed areas. Also, 10% to 20% more is available in Virginia resident payroll credits, and an extra 10% can be had for Virginia residents who are first-time industry employees.

The discretionary grant given by the governor is awarded to qualified projects that bring revenue and other added value to the state. A condition of receiving the grant is a joint public announcement between the production company and the Governor.

An additional sales and use tax exemption is available to qualifying productions.

Recent projects shooting in Virginia include “Imperium” (2016), “Jason Bourne” (2016), “Ithaca” (2015), “Captain Phillips” (2013), “Argo” (2012), “Lincoln” (2012), and Super 8 (2011).

15% Refundable tax credit on all qualifying expenses, including wages
5% Additional credit for filming in distressed areas
10% Added credit for Virginia resident, first-time industry employee
Information courtesy of EP Financial Solutions, a production incentive consulting and financial services company.