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Serbia’s 20% Cash Rebate Draws Producers

At the center of the Balkan peninsula and at the crossroads of Central and Southern Europe, Serbia is known for its mountain resorts and spas, but savvy producers also consider it a good and unexploited location. Belgrade, the capital, offers layers of historic architecture alongside modern buildings and a vibrant nightlife.

Also, as the former capital of the now-defunct nation of Yugoslavia, where many Cold War intrigues took place, Belgrade is the perfect setting for thrillers set in the 20th century where East meets West and ideals clash.

Filmmakers coming to Serbia can take advantage of the Balkan country’s 20% cash rebate – a big help to their bottom line. The minimum spend for feature films and TV projects is 300,000 euros, or approximately $341,000. For documentaries, the minimum spend is 50,000 euros, or about $57,000.

Serbia has no project cap. The application deadline for the present round of rebates is Sept. 30, 2016.

Over the years, many projects have shot in Serbia. Most recently, the country has hosted James McTeigue’s “The Raven” (2012), James Mather’s and Stephen St. Leger’s “Lockout” (2012), McG’s “3 Days to Kill” (2014), Roger Donaldson’s “The November Man” (2014), Joe Lynch’s “Everly” (2014), Kai Barry’s “Newcomer” (2015), and Jason Zada’s “The Forest” (2016).

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20% Cash rebate on spending in Serbia
$341K Minimum spending for film and TV
$57K Minimum spending for documentaries

Information courtesy of EP Financial Solutions, a production incentive consulting and financial services company.

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