Investigators from the National Labor Relations Board have dismissed allegations of vote-tampering by officers with Teamsters Local 399.

Secretary-treasurer Steve Dayan had asserted that the charges — filed by transportation coordinator Eugene Alford — were frivolous and politically motivated. The North Hollywood-based local represents about 5,000 location managers, casting directors, studio drivers and animal wranglers.

The NLRB launched the probe into claims that the union had violated the National Labor Relations Act by conducting an allegedly “fraudulent” membership ratification vote for a three-year contract that was ratified in July. But a Jan. 29 letter to Alford from NLRB regional director Mori Rubin said that the charge was dismissed.

“We have carefully investigated and considered your charge that Teamsters Local 399 has violated the National Labor Relations Act,” Rubin wrote. “Based on that investigation, I have decided to dismiss that charge because there is insufficient evidence to establish a violation of the Act.”

“I’m pleased with the outcome,” said Dayan. “We knew this was the decision that we would get.”

Alford had alleged that ballots collected by the union did not have the proper identification information. “This validates the way we ran the process,” Dayan said.

Dayan was elected to head the local in 2013 after a spirited contest in which he replaced Leo Reed, who had held the post for more than two decades. Dayan had been fired from his post as business agent after he had told Reed that he would be running for the post.

Alford has until Feb. 12 to appeal. He was not immediately for comment.