WME has signed Academy Award-winning cinematographer Robert Richardson.

Richardson has won Oscars for his work on Oliver Stone’s “JFK,” starring Kevin Costner; and two Martin Scorsese films, “The Aviator” with Leonardo DiCaprio and “Hugo,” with Ben Kingsley.

He recently completed work on “Live By Night” for Appian Way and director Ben Affleck. It will open later this year.

Richardson is one of just three living directors of photography to win three Academy Awards. In addition, Richardson’s work has garnered him 10 ASC awards as well as nine Academy Award and four BAFTA nominations.

His previous credits include “Platoon” and “Born on the Fourth of July,” directed by Stone; Scorsese’s “Casino”; “Fast, Cheap & Out of Control” for director Errol Morris, as well as “Inglorious Bastards,” “Django Unchained” and “The Hateful Eight,” directed by Quentin Tarantino.