Having grown steadily since its founding in 1994 — and now operating with full offices in Prague, Budapest, and Bratislava — the Czech post house formally known as Universal Production Partners has created VFX and CG enhancements for scores of local and international projects. With an Emmy for 2003’s “Children of Dune,” the company has grown with a strong focus on TV work.

Vit Komrzy’s venture is now one of the largest facilities in Europe for image enhancement, offline and online editing, on-set post-production, digital dailies, deliverables and transcoding. “We offer the complete package for more and more shows,” Komrzy says. “Visual effects are standard in Prague already.”

With regular clients including TNT, Fox 21, and a new project for Robert Zemeckis, following up on kudo-winning work doing 300 shots for his “The Walk,” UPP’s other primary job of late has been putting the finishing touches on “The Zookeeper’s Wife.”

One hot new specialty, he says, is scanning objects or actors’ heads for 3D imaging, allowing editors to remake them into whatever shape or look is needed. “These kinds of services are more and more common,” says Komrzy, especially for foreign productions that choose to stay in Prague for their post work.

(Pictured above: Vit Komrzy)