Jorge Granier is the CEO of Latin Everywhere and managing director of RCTV. He’s also an executive producer on The CW’s Golden Globe-nominated freshman series “Jane the Virgin,” adapted from the RCTV-distributed “Juana la Virgen.”

What does the success of “Jane the Virgin” portend for more English-language adaptations of telenovelas?
In Latin America, we have amazing storytellers, amazing stories, amazing talent. Because there’s such a big presence in the U.S., it’s only natural to go where these stories are, find them and make good enough adaptations to appeal to this broader, more diverse audience in the U.S. We’ll continue to see a trend in that. I’m putting a lot of my efforts into growing that market and being able to bridge that gap between Latin America and the U.S. It gets less wide every year, and things like “Jane” happen.

What are you looking for at NATPE?
We want to leave with more and better content deals, that we can offer around the world, that I can bring to L.A. and transform into American TV shows and formats. And the advertisers – I’d like to be able to have the conversation within NATPE, not just buying and selling content, but being able to have a better integration of your content.