Philip S. Goodman, a writer and director for film, television and stage, died May 2 at his home in New York City. He was 89.

Goodman wrote episodes of 1950s and ’60s TV shows such as “Profiles in Courage,” “Alfred Hitchcock Presents,” and “Johnny Staccato.” He directed the 1963 feature  “We Shall Return” (United Pictures International), which centered on anti-Castro Cuban fighters in Miami and starred Cesar Romero.

At the Actors’ Studio in New York, where he was a member of the Directors Group, Goodman directed workshops of his plays, “Love Is a Candy Cane” and “This Notoriety Business.”

Goodman wrote and directed television documentaries and industrial films for many years. In 1970 he wrote three episodes of National Educational Television’s “Our Vanishing Wilderness,” one of the first series on television to focus on environmental issues. He also directed TV commercials for Coca-Cola, RCA, Revlon and Rheingold beer, among many others.

Later in life, Goodman turned to musical theater. The musical “A Good Man,” with book by Goodman and music by Ray Leslee, was produced by the Vienna Chamber Opera in 2006 and was selected for the National Music Theater Conference’s 2012 season at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center in Connecticut.

Goodman, a graduate of Brooklyn College and USC, served in the U.S. Army during WWII.

He is survived by his daughter Jody, a lawyer; his son Nicholas, a film producer; and two grandchildren.