After 12 seasons on CBS, “Two and a Half Men” will air its final episode Thursday night. In a new video, the cast and creator take a walk down memory lane.

“It may take a while for this to sink in,” said executive producer Chuck Lorre about the show ending. “This has been part of my life, for good and bad, for a long time.”

When the show premiered in 2003, it starred Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones. In 2011, in the midst of scandal, Sheen’s character was killed off and Ashton Kutcher joined the cast.

“It was the perfect storm for casting,” said Lorre. “Eight years later, we got to start over again.”

The title of the finale is “Of Course He’s Dead — Part One and Part Two,” insinuating that Charlie Harper (Sheen), who was killed off in the season-nine premiere, could somehow make an appearance.

On Wednesday, Kutcher wrote an emotional Facebook post to thank his co-star, Jon Cryer, for his generosity and kindness. “You are a true partner in every sense of the word,” Kutcher wrote.

For Lorre as well, the 12-season run has been a rewarding experience.

“It was an incredible experience to be part of a hit show, and to realize that people are really watching and they care,” he said.