Louis C.K. does not suffer fools, but he does have a treat for those celebrating April Fools’ Day.

Before season five of “Louie” bows on FX on April 9, every episode from season four of the series will be available to stream on FXNOW from April 1 through 9.

Fans of the standup comedian can get caught up on C.K.’s cynicism. Each episode puts a spotlight on Louie’s hectic life as a comedian and single father who shares custody of his two daughters, Lilly (Hadley Delaney) and Jane (Ursula Parker). The single-camera comedy is a mix of Louie’s standup comedy and scripted films. The series deals with everyday life issues including work, parenting and relationships, and has touched on topics ranging from religion to politics to social behavior. While many of the episodes are stand alone, the series has also included many serialized episodes, which will hold true again in season five.

“Louie” returns April 9 at 10:30 p.m. on FX.